Animal Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are an integral part of many American families, and when treated correctly a dog can seem like a family member. Unfortunately, not every animal is treated with love and care. When a dog is mistreated or abused the animal is more likely to attack humans. Dog Bites can cause lifelong impairment, scarring and even death.

Dog owners are responsible for preventing dogs and other pets from hurting people. When they fail to do so, action can and should be taken, not only to compensate the victim, but to prevent future attacks. Getting prompt legal advice is the best way to protect your rights after an attack.

The lawyers at Kralovec, Jambois and Schwartz have successfully handeled dog bite and other animal injury cases for several decades. Most often their opponents are not the pet owners themselves, but the insurance companies that provide the pet owner home owner’s insurance.  Interested in protecting the bottom line, these companies are often unwilling to compensate the inury victim, even in the most erregious of situations. The lawyers at Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz are ready to take on even the toughest insurance companies and have the skill and the experience necessary to get their clients compensated to the fullest extent possible under the law.

If you have been bitten by another person’s dog the following steps are suggested:

  • Contact the police immediately.
  • Seek medical attention where necessary. In some cases you may need a tetanus shot.
  • Take down the contact information of any individual who witnessed the incident.
  • Take pictures of any injuries.
  • Refrain from speaking to any insurance company representatives or signing documents.
  • Contact the attorneys at Kralvec, Jambois and Schwartz for a free legal consultation.