Chicago Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

You do not get into your vehicle expecting to get into an accident. However, when one does occur, suddenly you have plenty on your mind. Apart from any emotional stress and confusion, you have to attend to your injuries, handle your claim, deal with the damage to your vehicle and try to negotiate with the insurance company. At Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, our knowledgeable and skilled Chicago accident lawyers have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for motor vehicle accident victims like you.

Chicago Semi Truck Accidents Attorneys

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that truck accidents in 2013 were responsible for the death of 3,600 people throughout the U.S. Accidents involving tractor trailers can be especially severe since the average semi weighs around 80,000 pounds and the average passenger car weighs a mere 3,000 to 5,000 pounds. Common injuries associated with tractor trailer accidents include brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis and permanent disability. This can place undue financial, emotional and mental stress for you and your family.

Justice for Victims of Negligence

Victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and other traffic-related collisions have a right to seek justice against those who have acted negligently. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers know that every person’s situation is different. We listen to you, gathering information as to what your goals are for your case. Then, we talk to witnesses; examine physical evidence such as photographs, police reports and medical records; investigate weather conditions; and reconstruct the events that led to your accident with the help of other professionals.

Once we have the whole story, we negotiate with the insurance provider to help you receive the medical attention you need. We also work hard to get you financial compensation that will cover lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical care and any therapies you may require during your recovery period.

Experienced Representation

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a motor vehicle accident, don’t delay getting the help you need. Insurance companies make extra money when they can deny your claim. You need a lawyer experienced in handling motor vehicle accidents. In addition to traffic accidents, at Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, our attorneys also handle cases involving boating accidents as well as Illinois train and railroad negligence. Please contact us online or call 312-782-2525 for a free consultation with one of our accident lawyers.