Cook County commissioners today approved a $20 million payment to the family of a toddler who suffered brain damage after surgery at Stroger Hospital.

Justine Francique's now 3-year-old son Keith was left with severe, irreversible brain damage after he suffered cardiac arrest following surgery to repair an undescended testicle at Stroger Hospital, according to court documents.

The boy was recovering from surgery in December 2011 when medical personnel did not initiate CPR until five minutes after his heart stopped, according to court documents.

The child was revived, but no pulse was detected for at least 15 minutes, the documents state. As a result of the heart attack and oxygen deprivation, he suffered permanent brain injury, according to the documents.

Commissioners approved the payment without discussion or opposition, along with three others, all related to malpractice claims against Stroger Hospital. The total of the settlements approved today was $24 million.