Notable Verdicts & Settlements

Kralovec, Jambois, & Schwartz leads all Illinois practices in total number of major injury cases successfully tried in the State of Illinois. Compensatory awards in KJS cases regularly exceed $1 million, and during the last five years, the firm has won more than $200 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of its clients.

KJS’ shining record of verdicts and settlements reveals what clients want and need to know about their representation before they enter a lawsuit. Because most firms are not equipped to challenge powerful insurance companies, more injury victims are looking to KJS for strong representation.

More and more KJS-represented cases are helping to define and influence personal injury litigation in Illinois.

Case Results

  • 9.8 million

    medical student seriously injured while receiving an osteopathic treatment from a fellow student

    Sarah Stanczyk v. Dr. Robert E. Kappler, D.O., et al. $9,858,000 (Ms. Stanczyk, a Chicago area medical student, was seriously injured while receiving an osteopathic treatment from a fellow medical student).

  • 9 million

    For worker injured in an industrial accident

    $9 million for worker catastrophically injured in an industrial accident.

  • 8.5 million

    Herman Calloway, Jr. v. Bovis Lend Lease, Inc.

    Herman Calloway Sr. and Herman Calloway Jr. (father and son) were working for Hamilton Construction installing storm pipes when a wall of the trench they were in caved in, burying them alive. More than an hour after the collapse, rescuers were able to extract Herman Jr. from the trench. He was in critical condition. He sustained an “open-book” pelvic fracture, left-foot drop, and neuropathic pain, requiring multiple surgeries, prolonged hospitalization, and extensive rehabilitation. He can now walk short distances with a cane. Herman Sr. died in the trench and his body was extricated several hours later. The trench did not have any form of support system to protect workers from cave-ins as OSHA requires. Further, plaintiffs asserted that two Bovis superintendents observed the men in the unprotected trench shortly before the collapse without stopping the work or administering them to place proper shoring – awarded $8,587,598.00.  Read More

  • 8.3 million

    Tractor Trailer Runs Stop Sign, Kills Woman

    A thirty-seven year old woman died upon impact when a semi-tractor trailer failed to stop at the temporary stop sign and broadsided her vehicle. Traffic lights atthat intersection had gone out earlier that evening due to a power failure; however the City of Joliet had put up temporary stop signs.

  • 8 Million

    Daniela Vlahovic v. Catherine Baker, M.D.

    At three separate appointments the plaintiff’s blood pressure was elevated. Blood tests taken demonstrated diabetes. A CT scan showed extensive periventricufar small vessel disease, which is often associated with diabetes and/or hypertension. No treatment was initiated for the continued elevation. Eight days after her third appointment the plaintiff suffered a massive hypertensive hemorrhagic stroke, leaving her with left hemiparesis, some cognitive dysfunction, attention and short-term memory deficits, wheelchair bound, and dependent on 24-hour assistance. Read More…