Notable Verdicts & Settlements

Kralovec, Jambois, & Schwartz leads all Illinois practices in total number of major injury cases successfully tried in the State of Illinois. Compensatory awards in KJS cases regularly exceed $1 million, and during the last five years, the firm has won more than $200 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of its clients.

KJS’ shining record of verdicts and settlements reveals what clients want and need to know about their representation before they enter a lawsuit. Because most firms are not equipped to challenge powerful insurance companies, more injury victims are looking to KJS for strong representation.

More and more KJS-represented cases are helping to define and influence personal injury litigation in Illinois.

Case Results

  • $109,000

    Reis v. Pope, Cook County, 09 L 5425

    Reis v. Pope, 09 L 5425 (Auto Collision causing aggravation of a pre-existing wrist fracture. No offer prior to trial.)

  • $108,500

    Wrist Fracture During Bar Fight

    The plaintiff, a 44-year old male, claims that on June 21, defendant Miller verbally threatened him and used ethnic slurs in the presence of the bar manager but no action was taken. Miller later followed the plaintiff outside and kicked him, causing wrist fracture requiring surgery ($10,090 medical expense).

  • $100,000

    Auto collision that resulted in back injuries

    $100,000 settlement for a young man who sustained back injuries during an auto collision

  • $86,000

    Flechsig v. Smith, Cook County, 11 L 13411

    $86,000.00 – Flechsig v. Smith, 11 L 13411 (Defendant opened a car door into a bicyclist traveling on Western Avenue. Pre-Trial offer: $25,000.)

  • $60,000

    Solovastru v. Boyko, Cook County, 13 L 551

    $60,000.00 – Solovastru v. Boyko, 13 L 551 (Rear-end collision causing soft tissue injuries to the lumbar spine. Pre-Trial offer: $37,500)