Notable Verdicts & Settlements

Kralovec, Jambois, & Schwartz leads all Illinois practices in total number of major injury cases successfully tried in the State of Illinois. Compensatory awards in KJS cases regularly exceed $1 million, and during the last five years, the firm has won more than $200 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of its clients.

KJS’ shining record of verdicts and settlements reveals what clients want and need to know about their representation before they enter a lawsuit. Because most firms are not equipped to challenge powerful insurance companies, more injury victims are looking to KJS for strong representation.

More and more KJS-represented cases are helping to define and influence personal injury litigation in Illinois.

Case Results

  • 7 Million

    Robert Spinks v. Arby’s.

    A 19-year old male was shot in the neck while dining at an Arby’s resulting in incomplete quadriplegia with paralysis from the chest down and limited use of his hands and arms. The plaintiff sued the franchise R.B. Skokie Corp. and the franchise Arby’s Inc., alleging lack of training, allowing loitering in the restaurant, and failure to notify police of incidents on both the day of, and the day before the occurrence.

  • 6.9 million

    Martinelli v. City of Chicago, 06 L 11846 (Cook County)

    This case involved a 62 year worker who lost his lower leg as a result of a motorist running into him in a construction zone. Another firm that first handled the case settled with the motorist for the $20,000 insurance policy and then dismissed the case. After re-filing we claimed the City controlled the construction site and failed to conform it to MUTCD standards and the City’s own internal guidelines. At trial the City claimed it was the “empty chair” motorist who was at fault and the only cause of this  injury. However, the  jury found the City was 100% at fault. The City of Chicago offered zero before trial to settle the case.

  • 6.9 million

    For a semi-tractor trailer crash in Wisconsin

    $6.9 million (while the jury was deliberating) for a man that was injured and lost his wife and grandchild in a semi-tractor trailer crash in Madison, WI



  • 6 million

    Near drowning in the presence of thirty adults

    $6,000,000 for a four year old boy was attending a backyard swimming pool party at the home of his mother’s employer. The child suffered a near drowning in the presence of thirty adults.

  • 6 million

    Work accident resulting in amputation

    $6,000,000 – Plaintiff was assisting a co-working unloading angle iron steel from a barge. When Plaintiff attempted to climb down from the stack of steel he was standing on, the dunnage (wood) supporting the steel cracked, causing a 5000 pound bundle of steel to fall on Plaintiff’s legs. The cause of the accident was Defendant’s improper stacking of the steel bundles creating a hazardous and dangerous condition. Plaintiff’s injuries led to an above-the-knee amputation of left leg.